Come create with us and put your tech opinions into practice against an opposing team.
TechDebates Hackathons are weekend-long competitions where all-star developers, UI product managers gather to hack solutions and build technical products. The best hacks will be judged by teams of venture capitalists and potentially walk away with cash prizes, connections, and maybe even funding.


How it works
We post problems to solve on the board.
Teams of 3-6 hackers choose a problem to solve
Each team has roughly 36 hours to churn out a prototype solution.
Each team presents their ideas to a panel of judges.
First place winners receive prizes.

All TechDebates Hackathons are held in premier venues in the world's most tech-savvy cities.


Hackathons are not just for developers. Sponsors can also get involved and work alongside developers to discover critical solutions for your business challenges. Present one of your challenges at one of the TechDebates Hackathons or test drive your software with some of the industry's top minds.


Interested in sponsoring a hackathon to solve some of your most pressing issues? As champions for CTOs since 2005, we can deliver solutions that will meet your hiring and software development objectives.

Our experienced content team will work with you to develop topics that help communicate your message. We’ll design a discussion of interest and value to your audience that facilitates an immediate and real connection with them

For more information about sponsoring a TechDebates Hackathon, please contact us via our social media channels.

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