For IT decision makers evaluating new projects, technologies, purchases, and more, we can assemble private forums of peers to provide guidance and advice.  CTO Roundtables are typically attended by 15-30 senior professionals from major cities around the world.

Industry Insight:
Attend cutting-edge debates, participate in a hackathon, or lively peer discussions, obtain access to unique expertise and take away new solutions to your day-to-day business challenges.
Networking: Network with the world’s top IT executives, discuss and debate strategies with your peers and knowledgeable experts, and rapidly build a network of new business relationships.Learn: meet and make contact with leading solution and service providers to solve your most pressing business challenges.
Participate: Become part of a genuine industry think tank that allows you the opportunity to learn, network, hire, and connect.
Hire: Grow your talent pipeline and connect with developers, architects, and more.


All TechDebates, hackathons, and CTO Roundtables are held in premier venues. Situated in the world's most tech-savvy cities, our partner venues provide an excellent creative backdrop and professional environment for our events. The events are truly global and run in all regions of the world.  


Today’s senior IT executives need more than just technology nuts and bolts. Strategic IT should cut costs and drive innovation and the creation of new business models. As champions for CTOs since 2005, we know your business challenges better than anyone. Because of our knowledge, we can deliver a CTO Roundtable or TechDebate event that will meet your communication objectives, and drive attendance to your roundtable.

Our experienced content team will work with you to develop topics that help communicate your message. We’ll design a discussion of interest and value to your audience that facilitates an immediate and real connection with them

For sponsors and donors, CTO Roundtables include the following amenities:
Full service topic selection and content development
Supplied moderator
Turnkey attendee acquisition
Timely registration reporting
On-site presence and brand visibility

For more information about sponsoring a private CIO Roundtable or a custom hackathon, please contact us via our social media channels.

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